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I am a visual development artist originally from Bahia, Brazil, based in São Paulo.

I started studying art and animation as self-taught but In middle of 2013 I moved to São Paulo, where I started to study in a art school and since then I also could to helped on incredible projects and met talented people.

I have been drawing and painting for feature films, shows and some award-winning commercials for studios such as Gullane Entertainment, SHEDmtl, Bits Produções, Buriti Films, Mantra Filmes, Roof Studio, Glaz Entertainment, Zombie/Passion Pictures and others. 

Recently I worked on a very early development project as visual development artist and story artist on an unannounced feature animation at Bits Production and I am also working as a freelancer for other animation studios.

Thank you so much for checking out my artwork.
Please get in touch with me if you’re in need any visual development help or would just say hi.


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